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Galaxian 2

The digital 80's

I loved games, and in my infancy I used to be an "adult playing observer", passing hours watching people inserting 25 peseta coins for additional lifespan in Gauntlet, or trying to consume all Out Run's in-game melodies and the colorful USA-wide scroll. Defender, Space Invaders, Galaxian or Donkey Kong are the first ones I remember, full of charm, in bars, mini-golf resources, or swimming pools near León, with a delicious smell to tapas.

Galaxian 2 (also written as Galaxian II) is a handheld electronic game that was released in 1981 in the US by Entex Industries. It was also released the same year in Japan under the name Astro Galaxy and in Europe under the name Astro Invader.

The game is called Galaxian 2 because it has a two-player mode. It is not a sequel, as there is no Entex Galaxian.

The gameplay is based on the Galaxian arcade game. Like the original, the player shoots at waves of attacking aliens as they launch kamikaze attacks. There are two user-selectable skill levels.


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Battlestar Galactica
C battery
Doom (movie)
Entex Industries
Galaxian 2
Handheld electronic game
International version
Two-player video game
United States
Vacuum fluorescent display
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